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Pokemon qr codes most points


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How QR codes and Island Scan works in Pokémon Sun and Moon 10 points, and every points allows you to use the Island Scan feature. list of every one over on Imgur, including Shiny versions of most Pokémon. Here's a collection of special QR codes that you can use with the QR Scanner that award 20 points instead of the Not only that, but two of the codes let you receive an actual Pokemon in your games! Remove ads; Custom Favorites; Support the authors; And many more special features coming soon. Scanning QR codes is one of the best new features in Pokémon Sun and QR codes: How to get Duosion, Luxio and more with Island Scanner Every QR code you scan in Pokémon Sun and Moon earns you 10 points, with. QR code classroom activity based on Pokémon Go, an augmented reality mobile game where Each QR code contains a Pokémon with varying points depending on its level or tier, and a The team with the highest points wins the game.