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Battlefront 2 ps4 matchmaking

NEWS UPDATE: Matchmaking Changes, Proper Balance & More, Battlefront 2

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battlefront 2 ps4 matchmaking

I can't even join the game. Is this game dead yet? Otherwise if i could join the server manage to create new room for me. There's been a few Community Transmissions this week for Star Wars Battlefront 2, and this latest one is about matchmaking changes! If your on the playstation you can join in the game if you’re part of the RedWolf72ps4 Community! This channel is dedicated to building a community of gamers who just want to have fun and connect with.

Battlefront 2 is still rather popularity on consoles, but never was very popular on pc. Matchmaking sucks unless you have thousands of players searching On ps4 there's lots of people, but i also think, there's some balance.