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Apex legends matchmaking unfair

Cold, Hard Facts, 73% Voted Apex Legends SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) Has A Negative Impact

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Apex legends matchmaking unfair apex legends matchmaking unfair

I think my APEX LEGENDS experience ends here. I thought I have found a So where's the problem? The problem is the total unfair system of matchmaking.

The painful thing about RNG is how unfair it can feelsometimes you are going to have tough break after tough apex legends matchmaking unfair bad squad bad starting loot and then great breaks land somewhere remote with good gear, and you hardly run into any opposition until late in the game. User Info: kingofjamaica kingofjamaica 11 months ago 14 I agree that there should be more skill based matchmaking.

Lerp85 11 months ago 15 kingofjamaica posted I agree that there should be more skill based matchmaking.

This is why skill based matchmaking shouldn't be in Apex Legends in my opinion. The skill based matchmaking makes the game a lot less fun for casual solo. Do I just int so the game realised it shouldn't match me with plat and diamond players when I'm silv. Into League Of Legends Official? Join the community. Check out this Apex Legends guide to learn about the details of the ranked matchmaking system: Ranked League! Find out what it takes to climb the ladder & become an Apex Predator! Check Out Season 2 Details Here! Ranked League is a new competitive mode introduced during the launch of the second season of Apex Legends. Test your skills and climb the ladder through different ranks and see if you become a certified Apex Predator! Progression Resets After A Series.