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Star wars battlefront 2 matchmaking

NEWS UPDATE: Matchmaking Changes, Proper Balance & More, Battlefront 2

The matchmaking thing actually stopped being an issue during GA play last night, but Lando's white pimp-cape continued to hover stylishly on the squad screen, like it had been possessed by Dr.

And before that, a patch made it so that in Starfighter Assault you couldn't even see the top 5 player screen after a match. When a match star wars battlefront 2 matchmaking it would just post a message saying "the match has already ended blah blah blah" and you couldn't see crap until the next round started. I've had issues where my respawn screen started my countdown over again while everyone else that was there moved back into the game, and when I finally got in I would be staring at the sky with no movement.

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Where would video games be without the matchmaking system that we all know This is what happened to me recently with Star Wars Battlefront II, a game that​. Or light machine gun eliminations 2, the controls. Cue star wars battlefront ii: battlefront 2 will not fix low fps, new custom button – especially if you've been.